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Tax Implications of Incentive Programs

In some of our other articles, we’ve covered virtually every component related to designing, developing, launching, and running an incentive program. We’ve talked about how and why incentive programs work, the various kinds of programs you might consider implementing, how to work with a bank, the ins and outs of web portals, the advantages of [...]

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Incentives for Customers: Rebate Programs

Customer Rebates as Incentives Customer rebate programs are without a doubt one of the oldest forms of incentive marketing. They’ve been around forever, and it’s easy to overlook them as a viable option. They aren’t quite as hyped as some newer approaches to marketing and customer retention, and the word “rebate” isn’t exactly a sexy [...]

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Competition is everywhere and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in either. No matter how niche you think your business might be, any profitable niche will eventually attract competitors. Particularly in the era of the startup, no company is invincible when it comes to potential competitors. Once you lose sight of this reality, you run the [...]

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Incentives, Rebates, Rewards and Economics

Inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk was born unceremoniously in South Africa in 1971. A precocious child, at the age of only 17 he decided to move to Canada and study at Queen’s University. A few years later, he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania with an ambitious dual-study path of economics and physics. Soon after, [...]

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