Salesperson Incentives

If you ask a salesperson why they chose sales as a profession, many will say it’s because they love the face-to-face interactions with their customers or that they simply believe in the product or service they’re selling. While that may be true for some, the reality is most salespeople love what they do because of the unlimited earning potential that comes along with sales. What makes it even more interesting is when you can incentivize them to change their behaviors in a specific way so both the salesperson and the company see increased sales.

Your custom sales incentive program will be created specific to your company to elicit those specific behaviors you desire. Common incentive programs are typically one of the two:


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After your salesperson has completed a sale, he or she is awarded points which may be redeemed immediately from your custom online catalog, or the points may be saved for bigger ticket items. (Most commonly paired with prepaid debit cards, merchandise, and travel options.)


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This option removes the guesswork. Each salesperson knows the exact dollar amount he or she will receive with each action performed.

(Most commonly paired with the reloadable debit card option.)

Your online program will be turnkey, fresh and updated regularly to keep the sales momentum going.

Level 6 has the expertise to keep your salespeople coming back for more. We know that the ultimate goal of these incentive programs is to create win-win results; your company will benefit with increased sales while your salespeople are also reaping the rewards. Whether it’s selling more products without all the discounts or renewing a commercial lease at a new rate, your salespeople will enjoy merchandise, travel, or monetary incentives for a job well done!

Which program is best for your company?

Employee Recognition

When fellow employees exceed expectations by going above and beyond, wouldn’t it be great to nominate them for a job well done? With an employee recognition program, you can do just that.

Whether your company would like to reward with a gift card, an option to choose merchandise from an online catalog, or simply points that they can save for another offering, your employees will feel appreciated and will continue doing their best.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We want your brand to remain top-of-mind for your customers, and one successful way to create that awareness is by offering a brand loyalty program. Customers today have more options than ever before when it comes to shopping for goods and services. They need you to tell them why your brand is the best.

By offering a loyalty program, whether it’s a mail-in rebate or a customer reward, it will leave your customer coming back for more. They’ll know that you appreciate them and are willing to offer them something more than the product or service they were initially shopping for.

Which incentives and rewards will you offer?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the specific types of incentives and rewards your company will offer. Check out our most popular options below, and remember that you’re not limited to only one option.

Additional services we offer to complement your program

Level 6 makes this as easy as can be for our clients by offering these additions to complement your program.

We have been a leader in custom incentive programs for over 10 years, so let us help you put together the program that’s right for you, your employees, and your customers.