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Working with an Incentive Program Management Partner

You know why incentives are important, how to design a program of your own, and the nuts and bolts of running programs targeted at both employees and customers. But before you launch a program on your own, you’ve got one last question. Is it worth working with an outside firm? Would it be better to [...]

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Employee Behavior: Incentives Within Your Own Organization

When it comes to increasing revenue with third-party salesperson incentives, the scope of what you’re trying to do is fairly narrow. In other words, your end goal is singular and straightforward: You want to increase sales of a particular product or range of products, and you need to incentivize a very specific type of personality [...]

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Competition is everywhere and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in either. No matter how niche you think your business might be, any profitable niche will eventually attract competitors. Particularly in the era of the startup, no company is invincible when it comes to potential competitors. Once you lose sight of this reality, you run the [...]

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