Sales Incentives: 6 Tips for Your Business

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6 Ways to Incentivize Your Sales Team Running a business can be a real challenge, regardless of what industry you’re in. Whether you’re a startup, an established small business, or a Fortune 500 company, keeping things on track is never easy. Between production, R&D, human resources, marketing, design, accounting, and all of your other departments, it’s a lot to manage (even if one person wears more [...]

Employee Rewards vs. Recognition

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Difference Between Employee Rewards and Employee Recognition: A Guide As a manager, executive, or business owner, you likely have some baseline sense of how you want your department or company to run. You know what needs to happen from day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter. You know what the deliverables are, and who ought to be working on them. And, you know what [...]

5 Ways to Build a Better Customer Loyalty Program

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How to Build a Better Customer Loyalty Program: Our Top 5 Tips Maybe you’ve heard it before: keeping existing customers is cheaper than obtaining new ones. But how much cheaper, exactly? According to the Harvard Business Review, bringing in new customers can cost anywhere from 5 to 25 times as much as holding on to existing ones. That’s right: as much as 25x more expensive, depending [...]

The Complete Guide to Custom Debit Cards: Are They the Right Choice for Your Company?

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When it comes to incentivizing your employees, rewarding your customers for their loyalty, increasing your branding, and streamlining processes on the backend for your business, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of options. If you’re looking to give something to your in-house team, you could set up a points-based system. You could reward them with merchandise, or custom travel options. You could arrange for and book [...]